About the course

This course is for Coaches who already have the ‘C’ certificate. The course is designed to educate coaches in developing a playing style, planning individual, group and team preparation. It will also help coaches to understand coaching during training and matches. The duration of the course is 19 days divided into 3 modules

License Diploma AFC B Diploma
  • Module 1: No assessment
  • Module 2: 1 practical assessment
  • Module 3: 2 practical assessments, 2 theory exams, 1 dissertation
  • Session planning task
  • Annual Planning task
  • During 2 month break; off course learning assignments, log work will be considered as part of the assessment
Licensing Criteria
  • Hero Elite League
  • Hero Junior National Football Championship
  • Hero 2nd Division League
Cost AIFF license fees 15000 + organisational cost of the host state/organisation
  • AIFF ‘C’ License
  • It is recommended that candidates practice coaching for a minimum of 2 years in order to gain suitable experience/self-evaluation
  • Participants will be fast-tracked with the recommendation of Instructor and final decision from Head of Coach Education/TD
License Validity NA
Mode of Delivery
  • Module 1: 7 day residential/non-residential component

2-month break

  • Module 2: 7 day residential/non-residential component.

2-month break

  • Module 3: 5 day residential/non-residential component.
  • Full time-Practical and Theory sessions run during the day and evening including weekends
  • Candidates must attend all course modules
  • Delivered locally; organized by AIFF/State associations
  • On course tasks
Learning Outcomes
  • Delivering training sessions for:
    i) Team Preparation
    ii) Individual Program
  • Emend your playing style and Coaching Values & Philosophy
  • Understanding and enabling how players learn through game analysis, planning and program
  • Coaching during training and matches
  • Understanding advanced player development
  • Immersive practical learning experience through comprehensive participant coach led sessions
About the course
Minimum Age: 20
Course Duration : 19 days in 3 modules

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