The Golden Baby Leagues project was launched in the year 2018 in association with FIFA’s development programme – FIFA Forward. We believe that the ages of 6-12 years form the Golden age of learning for young boys and girls. Learning through games while having fun, making friendships and developing team spirit are key ingredients in developing a football player for life.
The Golden Baby Leagues Project is a long-term player development initiative that aims to grow a new generation of players, boys, and girls, that start playing football from a very young age. The project envisages that children get exposure to an age-appropriate number of games and playing formats as they grow older.
The Golden Baby Leagues is aimed for all stakeholders of Indian Football who are engaged with children within this age group, be it clubs, academies, schools, non-government organizations, parents, coaches, football fans. Everyone! Anyone can organize the AIFF Golden Baby Leagues, anywhere in the country. The Leagues aim to provide access to football in the children's locality irrespective of gender, religion, economic background or ethnic origin.

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How to organise a Golden Baby League?
1. Download the AIFF Golden Baby Leagues Operator Handbook.
2. Apply with the League Operator Request Form to the respective State Football Association
3. Organize the Leagues, following the Handbook guidelines

How to play in a Golden Baby League?
1. Download Golden Baby League App
2. Search in the App for the League being conducted in your area.
3. If you are a team, apply for the League in your area
4. If you are a player, contact the League Operator for support

Further Information:
1. Download the AIFF Golden Baby Leagues Operator Handbook.
2. Write to