About the course

The course is designed to educate Coaches in tactical and technical requirements, leadership qualities, management, player identification, and teaching physiological and psychological needs of the player. Duration of the course is 24 days divided into 3 modules

License Diploma AFC A Diploma
  • Module 1: No assessments
  • Module 2: 1 practical assessment
  • Module 3: 2 practical assessments, 2 theory exams, 1 dissertation
  • Written Exam
  • Prepare Logbook during the course
  • Session Planning task
  • Annual Planning task.
Licensing Criteria
  • ISL
  • I-League
  • National Teams
Cost AIFF license fees 25000 + organisational cost to be paid to the host state/organisation
  • AFC ‘B’ Diploma
  • It is recommended that candidates practice coaching for a minimum of 1 year before applying for ‘A’ in order to gain suitable experience/self-evaluation
  • Recommended to coach a club
License Validity NA
Mode of Delivery
  • Module 1: 9 day residential/non-residential component

2 month break

  • Module 2: 9 day residential/non-residential component.

2 months break

  • Module 3: 6 day residential/non-residential component.

Candidates must attend all 3 modules

Learning Outcomes
  • Difference between coaching during training and matches to develop competencies in both
  • Individualized coaching styles, methods and approaches to create a unique career profile
  • Understanding and management of different tactical formations and applied game styles
  • Leadership qualities through People management, Communication & Psychology on and off the Pitch
  • The future of football, existing game styles and it’s history and how it impacts our coaching practices
  • Advanced player identification and selection leading to team building, cohesion and tactical choices
About the course
Minimum Age: 22
Course Duration : 24 days in 3 modules

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