About the course

This course covers a specialized aspect of isolated and functional training for Goalkeepers. The course focuses on technical and functional training using both hands and feet.

License Diploma AIFF Goalkeeping Certificate
  • 2 practical assessments
  • 1 written exam
Licensing Criteria
  • Hero Sub-Junior, Junior and Elite League
  • Sub Junior and Junior National Football Championships
Cost AIFF license fees 12500 + organisational cost to be paid to the host state
  • Minimum age 18 years and above
  • C License
  • Playing career would be an advantage
License Validity NA
Mode of Delivery

6 day residential/non-residential course

Learning Outcomes
  • GK Coach & Planning Coaching Sessions
  • Technical & Functional Training
  • GK Techniques - Hands and Feet
About the course
Minimum Age: 18
Course Duration : 6 days

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