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THIMPHU (BHUTAN): After starting their SAFF U-15 Championship with a fashionable 12-0 win over Sri Lanka, Head Coach Firmin D’Souza cautioned against complacency ahead of India’s clash against hosts Bhutan in their second group match onAugust 13, 2018. Speaking to, D’Souza spoke at length about the performance in the first match, going back to the drawing board, not being complacent, the altitude factor and much more. EXCERPTS:


What is your assessment of India’s dominant performance against Sri Lanka?


We had worked hard in the National Team Camp and the results were there to see. The coordination between our midfield and attack was superb. We had a lot of possession and kept the ball well, switching sides when we wanted. It was a superb performance by the team and the score line speaks for itself but we have to be wary of complacency and not sit back and relax.


In our next practice session, we will start afresh while keeping in mind that we are here to win this SAFF Championship and the result over Sri Lanka was just one match of many.


The team scored six goals in the first half.


We wanted to take an early lead and we did. But the rest was unexpected and a pleasant surprise. Leading 6-0 at half-time is a secure score line for any coach and because of that I was able to experiment some permutations and combinations in the match.


Shilky Devi seems to be in quite some form.


You want your forwards to score goals and Shilky scoring goals is a delight for any coach. Her talent and passion for the game is unparalleled and I hope she continues her stellar form in the next match against Bhutan as well.


How much challenging will it be to play the hosts?


It is always challenging to play the hosts. Bhutan are a tough team and we will have to be at our very best to beat them. It will not be an easy match. We will get back to the drawing board, correct our wrongs and focus on the opponents.


Will altitude be a factor?


It will be a minor factor but we are confident that we will be able to edge out a win against Bhutan.

Posted on : Friday August 10, 2018