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NEW DELHI: The Academy Accreditation system that has been the platform for assessment in terms of youth development for all Clubs and Academies over the past two years has been revised for 2017/18 season. The system having been established in 2014 and implemented from 2015/16 has had over 60 entities from the country applying for the same to get accredited under AIFF. It lays down certain criteria and guidelines for all academies under a club or stands alone, to follow that's help improve their standards in both the technical and administrative aspects. An academy is categorised under 2 separate heads:



  1. Residential
  2. Non-Residential


Based on the categories, the criteria are set and the academies are requested to fulfil the same. Academies claiming to fulfil the set criteria are required to upload necessary proof in form of official documents on the Accreditation portal by a given deadline. After successful upload of all required documents, the same will be assessed and reverted upon. The process will be followed by physical inspection at respective sites to verify the uploads. Points will then be allotted to each academy after inspection. The total points allotted will determine the Academy rating.


The Academy Accreditation Criteria for 2017/18 will see the introduction of some new criteria. Here below are few of them.


1. Homegrown Rule: A minimum of 30% of the total players registered for the U-15 and U-13 Leagues must be home grown. For the U-18 League, a minimum of 20% of the total players registered for the must be home grown. (Definition of Homegrown player – Any player whose state of domicile is same as the location of the Academy.) The introduction of the homegrown player rule will help induce the Academies to induct and train more players from the State of its Location. Training and Participation of local talent in the Youth Leagues in every state will simultaneously help in the growth of grassroots football.


2. All players registered under the academy must be registered with the AIFF Players Registration System.


3. A variation of not more than 5 players can be accepted at the time of Tournament registration from the final date of player registration for Academy Accreditation.


4. All coaches employed by the Academy must be registered with the AIFF Coaches Registration system.


5. Only one Academy/Club under a common umbrella/parent unit can get accredited and participate in the age-group leagues from each state.


6. All Academies intending to apply for Accreditation will now have to do it via the Online Application system. The system details will soon be shared with the application.


Rest of the criteria including can be found at




1.   Accreditation Criteria shared on April 1, 2017, for Academies to prepare accordingly for the application.


2.   The Online Application system will open by 3rd week of April. The system details will soon be shared with an application on and www.i-league.orgThe Application Window will be kept open until May 20, 2017.


3.   The application has to be submitted with a Non-Refundable fee of Rs. 25,000/- per application.


4.    Player Registration renewals will be kept open until May 31, 2017.


5.    New Player Registrations will be open till June 15, 2017.


6.   Assessment of uploads/documents will be done over a period of 2-3 weeks which will be followed by Inspection.


7.   Academies failing to comply with the criteria after the submission deadline will be intimated on their shortcomings.


8.    Inspection process will start from 1st week of July


9.    The announcement of results will happen by 1st week of August.


The guidelines for application will soon be shared on

Posted on : Saturday April 01, 2017