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NEW DELHI: The results for the AFC A Certificate Course of which the Module 1 was conducted from 24th April till 2nd May, 2019, Module 2 from 16th till 24th July, 2019 and Module 3 was conducted from 25th till 30th September, 2019 at Maharashtra, have been declared.


Twelve participants out of the twenty three have Passed the course:


1. Yogesh Maurya
2. Suhel Nair
3. Gopal Kag
4. Dipankur Sharma
5. Ramesh Gangaram Bista
6. Firmin D'Souza
7. Venkatesh Shanmugam
8. Nethanial D C
9. Shameel Chembakath
10. Shafeeq Madathil
11. Akhil Kothari
12. Gouramangi Singh


The following coaches have been declared Fame in the above-mentioned course:


1. Rakesh Sampat Wahelkar
2. Gurpratap Singh


The coaches mentioned below have been declared Pro Pass in the above-mentioned course:


1. Melvyn Rodrigues
2. Dinesh Rawat
3. Irudaya Singh 

Posted on : Wednesday November 20, 2019