Job Category: Player Development Location: Football house, Sector -19, Dwarka, New Delhi
Date : 12-03-2024 to 21-03-2024
Area : Player Development
Type of Contract : contract
Email Application with one page resume to : Email Application with one page resume to: hr@the-aiff.com
Application Deadline : March 21, 2024

#Key Deliverables:

1 Will work under the leadership of the Technical Director
2 Plan the annual calendar of activities with the staff coaches
3 Work closely with our national coaches from U13 to U20
4 Organize youth workshops for State FA and private academies
5 Formulate a new curriculum to be in-line with our “Playing Philosophy”
6 Introduce a “Talent Scouting” process substantiated by data and incorporating technology.
7 Implement a selection process which will weighing on neutrality and merit.
8 Liaise with competition department to align the age and mode of competition to sync with
our coaching courses and international practices.
9 Formulate a “Code of Conduct” for our academy players and staff.
10 Schedule periodic visit of meals, housekeeping, mentoring of technical and office staff,
training equipment.
11 Work with relevant experts to enhance group learning and raise self-competence
12 Conduct relevant “AIFF Coaching Courses” appointed by technical director
13 Appoint with consultation with TD potential candidates.

1. AFC A License/Diploma & above.
2. At least 1-2 years’ experience of conducting AFC/ AIFF C Certificate and above
3. Ideal candidate would be between 32 years to 40 years of age at the time of
4. Excellent presentation, communication, and leadership skills
5. Knowledge of teaching relevant skills, tactics, and techniques as well as monitoring
and enhancing performance by providing tuition, encouragement, and constructive
feedback by identifying strengths and weaknesses.
6. Must be organized, accurate, thorough, and able to monitor work for quality.

7. Must be dependable, able to follow instructions, respond to management direction,
and must be able to improve performance through management feedback.

Only shortlisted candidates will be called to attend a face-to-face interview at a time & date
which will be communicated via email. AIFF reserves the right to cancel/reject the vacancy
or applications without assigning any reason.