Job Category: FOOTBALL FITNESS TRAINER Location: Football house, Sector -19, Dwarka, New Delhi
Date : 20-07-2023 to 25-07-2023
Area : National Team Department
Type of Contract : contract
Email Application with one page resume to :
Application Deadline : July 25, 2023

All India Football Federation is looking for an experienced Team Football Fitness Trainer Coach to manage the India U-23 National Team. Selected candidate will assist the respective team training programs and managing the team’s training/match activities to help create a competitive and winning team.

1Base locationFootball house, Sector -19, Dwarka, New Delhi. 
2Remuneration PackageAs per industry standards.
3No of posts1

Deadline to close the application:      25.07.2023.

  1. Duties and Obligations of the Sports Scientist
  1. In his capacity as the Sports Scientist, the Sports Scientist shall:  

Primary Duties / Responsibilities

  1. Monitoring Fitness
  • Programme Implementation for individual players
  • Systematic monitoring of work rates

Heart Rate Measurement / Monitoring

3.1 Intensity and volume of content of training sessions
3.2 Assistance with planning of sessions in liaison with manager and

coaching staff
3.3 Rapid feedback of 3.2 to staff
3.4 Education of individual players (prior to and after sessions)
3.5 Profiling of players

  • Individual nutritional support to players
  • Pre training / competition player preparation
  • Post training / competition recovery process
    Promotion of and assistance with the process.

  • Travel and environment preparation.

To plan and advise team management of key features – i.e. optimal time to travel, train, hydration strategies etc.

  • Diet and nutrition – menus, (individual preferences), snack, liaison with chef.

Additional Duties

  • To promote rehydration strategies, “refuelling” (pre-game, in game/training, post-game/training)

  • Conduct pre-training / competition “warmups”

  • Conduct post event “cool down”.
  1. Diet/nutrition – checking at mealtimes / preferences, quantities.
  1. Player education / awareness
  1. To assist coaching staff conducting coaching session i.e., availability to set out work areas, change work areas as requested.

The Sports Scientist is responsible for dealing with all dietary requirements and the production of appropriate menus.  The Sports Scientist will assist the catering department to ensure that all dietary requirements are addressed.

It is the responsibility of the Sports Scientist to always monitor the nutritional intake of all players, making appropriate interventions where necessary. This may also take the form of providing extra requirements (meals, supplementation) for individual players.

During Practice / Training

  1. Position – Sports Scientist to be at pitch side location when not directly involved in the training session.
  2. Ensure a sufficient volume of fluid is available to maintain the hydration status of players.
  3. Prepare the players for training by an appropriate warm-up in line with the aims of the training session, as directed by the Head Coach
  4. Cool-down the players appropriately while encouraging re-hydration.
  5. Ensure that the refuelling process can begin immediately via the availability of suitable snacks
  6. Systematically monitor the work rates of players using heart rate monitoring and provide feedback to the Head Coach on volume/intensity issues.
  7. Keep a record of the training sessions conducted.
  8. Assist with general duties, pre and post training.
  9. Education of players – short educational presentations on key aspects of exercise science (15 – 20 minutes duration)
  10. At all times, reinforce educational information.
  11. Assist coaching staff – availability to set out work areas prior to and during session.
  1. In conjunction with medical and coaching staff, provide appropriate information on the fitness status of individual players
  2. Assist in the organisation of pre-match meal (quantity, quality and timings)
  3. Monitor player food and fluid intake at all times
  4. Assist in the delivery of appropriate fluids/snacks for journey to match
  5. Assist in meeting room organisation as directed by the Head Coach
  6. Ensure players are adequately hydrated prior to game
  7. Responsible for warming up all players
  8. Liaise with coaching staff, medical staff and sport psychologist for additional support
Match Day – “In-Game”
  1. Position – Sports Scientist to sit on bench
  2. Assist in the preparation of suitable fluids as “throw-Ons” for players
  3. Responsible for implementing hydration strategies on all players where possible
  4. Responsible for half-time re-hydration of all players
  5. Responsible for the preparatory work of all substitutes
  6. Responsible for cooling down players
  7. Responsible for individual player analysis as directed by the Head Coach

Match Day – “Post-Game”

  1. Responsible for cooling down all players incorporating appropriate stretching techniques
  2. Responsible for preparing and directing the refuelling process with appropriate nutritional intake
  3. Responsible for ensuring players are adequately re-hydrated

Additional Duties

  1. Provide a written report to the Head Coach relating to all Exercise Science aspects
  2. Where possible construct physical/physiological profiles of individual players and provide individual feedback.
  3. Research, plan and advise team management of key features relating to preparation
  4. Continually involved in player education processes
  5. Assist in general form wherever possible

Qualifications & Experience

Minimum of Fitness Level 2.

Minimum of 5 years of experience, at the national or international level.

- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

- Excellent leadership and motivational abilities.

- The ability to work under pressure and adapt to changing circumstances.

- Be willing to work odd hours, including evenings and weekends.

Only shortlisted candidates will be called to attend a face-to-face interview at a time & date which will be communicated via email. AIFF reserves the right to cancel/reject the vacancy or applications without assigning any reason.