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Impressed with the attitude of Indian coaches, says AFC Pro Diploma Coach Educator Kim Poulsen
19 May 2022

AIFF Media Team

NEW DELHI: The All India Football Federation hosted the AFC Pro Diploma Module 1 coaching course in Chandigarh from May 10 to 19. There were 18 coaches who attended the course and were instructed by coach educator Kim Poulsen, who is currently the head coach of the Tanzania National Team. Kim spoke to in length to give us a better understanding of the course.

After a span of 10 days of interacting with the coaches, Kim expressed, “I'm very impressed with the attitude of these coaches from the 1st day. They’ve shown a big interest, as they want to learn, improve, interact and discuss with each other.”

“Pro diploma is the top level of coaching pathway and the day these coaches started with their D, C license was to learn something about football and then the journey is going from simple to complex, it is going from understanding to having the ability to implement,” Kim informed.

The AFC Pro Diploma Module 1 coaching course was held after a gap of six years. In this regard, Kim said, “For a long period it has not been possible to have on-site courses. Many coaches were waiting a number of years to get on this course and we all are happy that we can now have this Pro diploma course."

Over the years, Kim Poulsen has conducted several FIFA coaching courses around the world. The 63-year-old is also a UEFA Pro License Diploma holder and also a FIFA Technical Instructor. He believes that coach education is not only about football, but also about an individual’s personality.

“Coach education is an important pillar for the development of football. We have a lot of on-field sessions where they practice coaching skills and in the classroom it’s about various aspects like leadership, management, and so on. It's also about how you represent yourself, convince people, because as a head coach at the top level, you not only have to interact with your players and staff, but also with the whole organisation. It is important for them to get a Pro diploma so they can continue the journey and go for their ambition to coach at the highest level,” he added.

“Everyone is very open and bring whatever they have on the table, share and steal ideas from each other,” he laughed. “They reach the ground very early and when we finish the day, you can see them sitting together, discussing and preparing for the next day."

When asked to give a message to young coaches, he said, "I like the quote ‘success is a journey, not a destination’. It's a long life journey. You can use the picture that when you start as a young coach you start in boots and when you end at top level one day, you have nice leather shoes, so there's a pathway for young coaches to grow your football knowledge in various areas – technical, tactical, fitness, mental and also the ability and capability as a leader to have soft skills to present yourself, convenience players, staff and people around you."

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