From representing rival states to becoming best friends, the bond between Mohammedan SC’s Joshuah Vaz and Mihir Sawant
06 Nov 2021

By Dhruv Shah,

AIFF Media Team

NEW DELHI: With an impressive start at the Hero Futsal Club Championship, defeating Baroda FC by a huge margin, Mohammedan SC and their coaches, Joshuah Vaz and Mihir Sawant were in jubilant mood. In an exclusive interview with AIFF, they unraveled the beautiful bond that they have shared over the years, and how they have the opportunity to represent a historic club like Mohammedan SC at the national level of Indian Football.

Part of a Hero I-League winning team with Gokkulam Kerala FC during the 2020-21 season, Mihir Sawant fondly remembers when he met his close friend Joshuah for the first time. “I still remember that we met in Belgaum for an exhibition match when we were in the 8th Grade. We clicked with each other instantly and that is when our chemistry started growing,” Sawant recollected.

He continued, “We played an exhibition match between teams representing Goa and Maharashtra. It was and still is kind of a rivalry, and both of us are extremely competitive. Two matches were played and both of us won one match, and we called it even-stevens!”

Although Joshuah and Mihir are together for the Hero Futsal Club Championship, they live far away from each other. This has never affected their friendship in anyway though. “Whenever I (Mihir Sawant) used to visit Goa, we used to catch up and hangout at different places,” Sawant enthused.

Joshuah Vaz, who has been coaching futsal teams since 2012 and has his own academy for futsal in Goa, also said that his team will just give their best at the tournament and hope results fall their way. He scored an excellent long-range goal for his team in the last match as well, dedicating that moment to his new-born child.

With both men going all guns blazing ahead of the Hero Futsal Club Championship, they will be aiming to win the inaugural edition of the tournament. 

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