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22 Apr 2019
AIFF Media Team
NEW DELHI: All India Football Federation, the apex body of Indian football has recently signed the Coaching Convention with the Asian Football Confederation which is an agreement extensively focused on the coaching rules and methods. It's an endorsement tool which will highlight the regulations and guidelines of coach education.


Savio Medeira, acting Technical Director, AIFF commented, "Coaching convention will help the coaches to manage their schedule in a better way as it will be done in modules and it will also help them to work on their deficiencies during the break. Coaches will also have to undergo assignments which was not there before. Overall it will help coaches to be more confident and efficient in their approach towards coaching."


Meanwhile, the licensing system will be refurbished in 2020 and the coaching diplomas will be broken into modules from April 2019.


AIFF C Diploma – 7 days (Module 1) – 2 months gap – 5 days (Module 2)
AFC B Diploma - 7 days (Module 1) – 2 months gap – 7 days (Module 2) – 2 months gap - 5 days (Module 3)
AFC A Diploma - 9 days (Module 1) – 2 months gap – 9 days (Module 2) – 2 months gap - 6 days (Module 3)


Coaching licenses carry paramount importance with regards to pursuing a professional career which remains valid for three (3) years. Unless a coach undergoes Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses during the period of three years, the license will be revoked.


On the other hand, the License will be renewed for another 3 years if the candidate acquires his CPD of 21 points. Otherwise, the personnel will have to repeat the specific diploma course again.


With regards to the 21 CPD points within 3 years, a coach must gather a minimum of 4 points but not more than 7 points per year. If a particular coach gathers 4 CPD points every year, he/she will be allowed 6 months of additional time to complete the minimal 21 CPD points. Should they fail to do so, the coaches will be advised to re-attend the course.


Coaches and assistant coaches assigned with respective responsibilities of professional teams, club academies, accredited academies etc will have to collect 3 CPD points from off-field platforms i.e. seminars, workshops and online courses annually.


Medeira feels this CPD will "help the coaches who aren't employed to stay connected".


"CPD is one of the criteria’s of the convention to renew their licenses. It will help coaches who are not employed to stay connected to the latest trends of the game by attending CPD courses. If coaches don’t attend refresher courses and collect credit points within 3 years they will have to repeat the entire course again.


The following subjects will be considered for CPD credits criteria:


- Match Analysis
- Nutrition
- Sports Science
- Conditioning and fitness
- Sports Leadership
- Sports-related management
- Additional coaching courses


These can be gained through platforms such as courses, workshops, seminars, webinars/online courses and AIFF approved CPD events. Each event or platform must be approved through certification or evidence of payment (if online).


Single webinars and online courses will earn 1 point whereas longer courses will help the coaches earn more points.


1⁄2 day to 3 days - 3 points
3 to 5 days - 5 points
5 days and above - 7 points
Meanwhile, all licensed coaches will be required to have their first aid CPR certification active in order to retain and refresh their coaching licence.
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