Coaching and Education
15 Sep 2016

AIFF Media Team

NEW DELHI: 10 candidates out of 24, who have appeared for the AFC A License course, cleared the course. The AFC A License course was held in Kerala from 4th April to 17th April 2016 (1st Module) and it was followed by the Second Module which took place from 1st August to 13th August 2016. Mr. Scott O'Donell was the instructor of the course.

The successful candidates are mentioned below -

1. Ravi Babu Raju

2. Biby Thomas Muttiah

3. Kanan Vitthal Priolkar

4. Marcelino Alexio Pereira

5. Paritosh Kumar Sharma

6. Shuvendu Panda

7. Vannivedu Kannan Harish

8. Anshul Katiyar

9. Mangesh Shreekant Desai

10. Pradhyum Reddy

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