Senior Volunteer Manager - LOC FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup India 2020 (Closed)

Job Category: LOC FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup India 2020 Location: New Delhi
Date : 03-02-2020 to 18-02-2020
Area : Volunteer Department
Type of Contract : contract
Email Application with one page resume to :
Email Subject : Senior Volunteer Manager Application
Application Deadline : February 18, 2020

Background: India will host the FIFA Under 17 Women’s World Cup in 2020. It will be the first time the country hosts an event from the world football governing body for women. This is the third most important event of the FIFA calendar for Women’s Competitions, with 16 countries playing 36 games in 4 venues. The FIFA Under 17 Women’s World Cup has been a key steppingstone in the careers of a large part of world football stars and will be one of the most important events ever to be hosted in Indian football history.

The tournament has a huge worldwide reach, with an estimated global audience of about 200 million viewers from almost 200 different countries, which is a golden opportunity to show India throughout the world, its cities, culture and the capability of organizing an event of the highest standards.

The FIFA Under 17 Women’s World Cup will have a lasting influence in Indian Football, upgrading the infrastructure, setting up proper game operations standards and improving the overall quality of the game. Undoubtedly, the FIFA Under 17 Women’s World Cup India 2020 is primed to be a game changer for Indian Football.

Job Description: The FIFA Under 17 Women’s World Cup India 2020 will be a game changer for Indian Football. Similarly, volunteers are the real “change makers” at any major international sporting event. As part of its mission the LOC will reach out to all sections of the society to include them into the volunteer program and give them the right training and support in order for them to be able to deliver their tasks in an effective and efficient manner, thereby giving an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of working on a FIFA event and become an integral part of the Indian Football history.

The Senior Volunteer Manager will be responsible for the complete Volunteer Program from registration of the volunteers to selection to training and on ground functioning. The selected candidate should have clear understanding of volunteer programs for major sporting events and the critical role they play for successful delivery of the tournament.

He/She should be able to deliver the volunteer program as conceptualised by the LOC in coordination with FIFA. He/she should work with the various functional areas of the LOC to understand the requirements and select the right candidates for the right roles.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Work with the various functional areas of LOC to deliver an efficient and effective volunteer program;
  • Ensure that all the functional areas requirements of volunteer support are covered in the selection of volunteers and develop detailed description of volunteer tasks and responsibilities in coordination with the respective functional areas;
  • Work with various institutions and organizations for registration of volunteers;
  • Ensuring that the registration process is smooth and any issues that develop in the process are resolved immediately;
  • Collating, managing and presenting the information received from volunteer registrations in an easy and understandable manner; 
  • Review the registered profiles for the volunteer program and select the volunteers based on their experience and abilities for various functions of the LOC;
  • Source and manage volunteers for other promotional events of FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup India 2020;
  • Manage the social media activations for volunteers;
  • Keep the volunteers continuously engaged with the World Cup from the time of registration to engagement during the tournament;
  • Be responsible for scoping all requirements for volunteers in terms of equipment, transport, catering, etc in each of the Venues;
  • In charge of the selection of Venue Volunteers Officers for all the Venues of the Tournament;
  • Responsible for ensuring that all the volunteers’ data is produced, collated and given to the Accreditation Manager for the Accreditation process of the volunteers;
  • In charge of all operational matters with regards to the clothing for the volunteers, including following up with shipment, internal transportation, sizes verification, etc;
  • Develop training manuals and modules for the volunteers after understanding the needs and requirements of various functional areas;
  • Work with the respective venue volunteer officers to deliver a consistent volunteer program across all the host cities;
  • Conduct trainings for the volunteers in coordination with the various functional areas;
  • Ensure that the Venue Volunteers Officers register all Volunteers on log sheets for the allowance payments;
  • Ensure in coordination with Venue Volunteer Officers that the volunteers and LOC adhere to the agreed terms and conditions of volunteer engagement;
  • Responsible for the production and distribution of appreciation certificates for all the Volunteers in conjunction with the Venue Volunteers Officers;
  • Prepare end of the tournament volunteer program de-brief in coordination with reports received from Venue Volunteer Officers.
  • Additional duties as event development may warrant

Personnel in Charge: Will be agreed by the Tournament Director once this hiring process ends and there is a definite plan for this area.

Key Performance Indicators: 

  • Engaging all sections of society in the Volunteer Program
  • Completing tasks as per requirements and on time.
  • Volunteer’s awareness about his/her exact roles and responsibilities.
  • Consistency of Volunteer Program across all the host cities.
  • Effective and efficient communication with Volunteers and other functional areas.

Candidate Profile:

  • Professional with extensive experience working in Human Resource Departments or Youth Programs in public and/or private organization;
  • High level of experience dealing with volunteering program for public and/or private organizations;
  • Experience of working in sports events and knowledge of various functional areas of an international sports event is desired;
  • Experience of conducting training programs, youth programs in mass events is desirable;
  • Excellent communications and man management skills;
  • Expertise in Google Docs is a must;
  • Advance level in Microsoft Office Platforms, particularly Excel, Word and PowerPoint;
  • Social media savvy, with knowledge and experience of working on social media activations is a must;
  • Prior experience as a volunteer program in a large scale national or international event is a plus;
  • Understanding of the legal environment when working with people without receiving remuneration or a formal employment contract;
  • Strong analytical capability;
  • Proven capability to work under pressure in a team environment;
  • Ability to think out of the box and work as per the stipulated timelines is a must;
  • Formal education in Human Resources would be an asset;
  • Masters in Sports Management/MBA would be advantageous.