Accreditation Manager - LOC FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup India 2020 (Closed)

Job Category: LOC FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup India 2020 Location: New Delhi
Date : 03-02-2020 to 18-02-2020
Area : Access Management Department
Type of Contract : contract
Email Application with one page resume to :
Email Subject : Accreditation Manager Application
Application Deadline : February 18, 2020

Background: India will host the FIFA Under 17 Women’s World Cup in 2020. It will be the first time the country hosts an event from the world football governing body for women. This is the third most important event of the FIFA calendar for Women’s Competitions, with 16 countries playing 36 games in 4 venues. The FIFA Under 17 Women’s World Cup has been a key steppingstone in the careers of a large part of world football stars and will be one of the most important events ever to be hosted in Indian football history.

The tournament has a huge worldwide reach, with an estimated global audience of about 200 million viewers from almost 200 different countries, which is a golden opportunity to show India throughout the world, its cities, culture and the capability of organizing an event of the highest standards.

The FIFA Under 17 Women’s World Cup will have a lasting influence in Indian Football, upgrading the infrastructure, setting up proper game operations standards and improving the overall quality of the game. Undoubtedly, the FIFA Under 17 Women’s World Cup India 2020 is primed to be a game changer for Indian Football.

Job Description: This position will be responsible for management of the Accreditation for the LOC of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup India 2020 and any ancillary events related to the tournament. 

The selected candidate must also have a comprehensive understanding of accreditation categories with regard to function and access as well as sound operational experience in order to support all functional areas involved with the event.

In particular, he/she is expected to organize the roll out of the accreditation function keeping in mind FIFA Accreditation Policy Implementation, Production Control, ICT & Accreditation Centre Operations at all tournament facilities including stadiums, training sites, hotels and any ancillary event facility – guiding and supporting each of the Venue Accreditation Officers. He/she is expected to develop a comprehensive understanding of requisite circulation systems; zoning plans at each facility within the framework of FIFA’s Accreditation System & tournament policies. He/she will need to tabulate & track all core stakeholders under FIFA, State/Central Government and LOC (in particular services and tournament operations), beginning with data collection, collation of reports for security verification, up until the production and delivery of accreditations. At all times, he/she is required to ensure all pre-designated security requirements are met with respect to data management, badge production, storage & distribution as per stipulated timelines for the tournament.

He/she must direct the Venue Accreditation Officers to orchestrate the overall accreditation delivery at the venue level for the event.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Acting as the focal point for information transfer from the central level to the venue level and escalating matters from the venue for resolution at the central level.
  • Working to develop & maintain a comprehensive tracking sheet with input from all Accreditation Venue Officers for every facility accounting for LOC, FIFA, State/Central Government & any other stakeholder as per FIFA’s Accreditation Policy and to follow-up on each stakeholder category.
  • Working with Accreditation Venue Teams to coordinate the setup & running operations of the Venue Accreditation Centers including facility setup (via Overlays), material & stock management, technology & networking systems, volunteer (Volunteer Management) & accreditation staff management & scheduling as well as support on the resolution of any incidental expenses.
  • To work closely with the LOC Safety & Security Functional Area to install access control signage as per the zoning planning for each of the facilities.
  • Managing the Accreditation Venue Officers with the process of verification of applicant data & collating finalized applications into police reports as per the mandated format to be shared with the Head of Operations.
  • Channelize central accreditation requests to the specific Accreditation Venue Officer for production and badge handover
  • Follow up and collection of data from all the central vendors
  • Preparing a daily log sheet with respect to the completed applications, security verification logging, stock status, badge production & distribution both at the venue level and at the central level ensuring that all stipulated timelines are adhered to from an operational & security standpoint.
  • Work closely with LOC Safety & Security Functional Area to coordinate with the Accreditation Venue Teams to engage in pre-tournament and match day access control testing & briefing exercises.
  • Liaising with LOC Ticketing to share information on potential distribution of scout tickets at each of the venues from the Accreditation Centers
  • Prepare a final report compiling information from all Accreditation Venue Officers for all the venue-specific facilities to contribute towards the overall report for the functional area.
  • Develop the work in a manner consistent with the values of the organization.
  • Any other functions that may be required by the LOC Leadership from time to time.
  • Additional duties as event development may warrant

Personnel in Charge: Will be agreed by the Tournament Director once this hiring process ends and there is a definite plan for this area.

Key Performance Indicators: 

  • Implementation of the complete Accreditation process in all venues as per FIFA guidelines
  • Meticulous, process driven with a dedication to meeting timelines & reporting deadlines.
  • Solution oriented with a key understanding of supply chain logistics & stadium operations
  • Efficient utilization of the resources and minimization of wastage
  • Keeping a continuous and updated inventory of accreditation materials
  • Working with the Head of Security to implement the site zoning system in all the venues
  • Creating pre-tournament, match day and post-tournament reports as per the guidelines.
  • Ability to read stadium plans and support with the closure of access loopholes.

Candidate Profile:

The Accreditation Manager is expected to manage the overall operational delivery of the accreditation programme at the central level under the guidance of the LOC management compiling requirements from all departments. He/she must demonstrate a willingness to apply his/her prior experience with operations or accreditation to develop a roll out model for the tournament as per the policies and structure of FIFA’s system. He/she must be prepared to travel extensively to review the operational planning in line with accreditation planning at each of the venues.

  • Project management understanding or ability to work closely with the LOC Operations team to structure the overall accreditation programme in keeping with operational and security processing requirements.
  • Prior experience in accreditations or facility operations with international events such as IPL, HIL, Pro Kabaddi League or Commonwealth Games.
  • Clear understanding of stadium operations and access requirements of various stakeholder categories.
  • A strong communicator with proven leadership ability to support venue accreditation teams.
  • Strong ability to learn, operate and guide venue staff with usage of accreditation software.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience with event operations or accreditations.
  • Willingness to learn & understanding setup of ICT elements, functionality and networking setup. 
  • Working knowledge of the security regulations to be applied in stadiums and other types of events from an accreditation’s perspective.
  • Capacity to elaborate reports on Accreditations for the LOC leadership.
  • Advance level in Microsoft Office Platforms, particularly Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • Extremely strong analytical capability and meticulous work ethic.
  • Proven capability to work under pressure in a team environment.
  • Meticulous, detail oriented with a strong ability to organize and structure planning to support on ground delivery.