Head Coach – India Men’s Senior/U 23 National Team (Closed)

Job Category: Head Coach – India Men’s Senior/U 23 National Team Location: Football House Dwarka, New Delhi & Match/camp venues
Date : 19-06-2024 to 03-07-2024
Area : National Team Department
Type of Contract : contract
Email Application with one page resume to : aiff@the-aiff.com
Email Subject : “Application for the Post of SNMT Head Coach - Name”
Application Deadline : July 3, 2024

Job Description:

The Head Coach, Men’s Senior/U 23 National Team will report to the AIFF Secretary General and is accountable for the performance of the team in all matches and competitions it participates in during the term of the coach’s contract. The Head Coach will work closely with the National Team Department, the National Team Director, Technical Director, to strengthen the position and performances of the Men’s Senior National Team.


* The primary purpose of the position is to select, monitor, and prepare the Senior Men’s National Team and the U23 Men’s National Team for the various matches and competitions with qualification to FIFA World Cup/AFC Asian Cup/SAFF Championship  and AFC U-23 Championship and a remarkable preparation and performance in the Asian Games 2026 among key targets.
* To report regularly to the AIFF Secretary General and the Technical Committee and work in close cooperation with the National Team Department, the National Team Director, Technical Director.

* To provide advice to the Secretary General and the Technical Director in respect of technical matters generally.

* To lead and drive team culture and harmony with players and staff and to achieve professional excellence that aligns with AIFF’s expectations.

* Lead strategic, tactical, technical, team selection, and team culture direction of the Men’s Senior/U 23 National Team.

* Attend and lead the team at all matches, training sessions, and camps of the relevant National Team.

* Provide direction, support, and advice to coaching staff on all on-field matters relating to the National Team.

* Allocate tasks and duties to assistant coaches and manage their performance to meet expected standards.

* Liaise with the team medical & physio staff with regard to rehabilitation/training and the availability of injured players.

* Work with National Team staff to ensure the team has the appropriate medical, conditioning, and other necessary support services.

* Cooperate with the Technical Director to assist in the mentoring of other Indian coaches.

* Provide mentoring to other National team (age-group) coaches from time to time, developing their coaching skills and effectiveness.

* Observe the performance of players and coaches in lower age-groups when not occupied with senior national team scouting, camps, and competitions.

* Participate in seminars/workshops/conferences organized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports (MYAS)/ Sports Authority of India (SAI), as permitted by the National Team schedule.

* Provide advice to the Secretary General and the National Team department on off-field matters relating to the National Team, when required.

* Provide advice and assessment of the performance of the National Team to the Secretary General, Technical Committee, Technical Director, National Team Director. 

* Upon request, consult with the Technical Director and National Team Director in relation to the technical direction and development of football in India.

* Provide strong leadership to the playing and coaching groups that encourages a supportive team environment.

* Understanding of industry best practice with respect to talented player development, sports science, game plan and game sense, use of available technology, and skills development.

* Positive working relationship with President, Secretary General, Technical Director, Media, and other relevant administrative staff.

* Good working relationship and cooperation with the media and communications department.

* Mandatory cooperation with AIFF on media and other appearances and promotions to meet commercial (including media, sponsor, and broadcast commitments) and game promotion requirements, including social media, website, and e-learning as directed by AIFF.

* Be able to conduct any media-related interviews, press conferences, or filming requests pre-approved by AIFF. Also, represent the Federation where requested at official functions, events, and initiatives.

* Communicate effective and consistent media messages.

* Role model & ambassador of AIFF.

* Develop a sound working relationship with AIFF partners, corporate sponsors & media.

* Annual Review – conducted by Secretary General, Technical Director.

Key Requirements – Football & Operational:

* Minimum of 10-15 years of coaching experience at the elite youth and senior level football.

* Experience as the first team coach (head coach) of the senior national team will be preferred with experience of coaching in the World Cup and continental championship qualifiers an advantage.

* Minimum of AFC/UEFA Pro license or equivalent.

* Experience as a football player (not necessarily at the highest national level).

* Ability to further develop the current team/staff performance environment into a consistently successful one.

* Efficient – plan much in advance and make the best use of the available resources and deliver within the budget.

* Have the ability to be resourceful and manage the players and staff to a high level of football and personal excellence within budgetary guidelines.

* Sound experience in the management of relationships; understanding needs, cultural sensitivity, and working with AIFF partners including media and sponsors.

* Leadership, strategic, and networking skills.

* Willingness to share knowledge and mentor other national team and Indian coaches.

* A dynamic, confident communicator with the ability to adapt style and approach as and when required.

* Attention to detail and excellent organization skills.

* Ability to work in a team environment and to prioritize team objectives over individual objectives.

* Respectful – Create a truthful, hard-working environment that fosters a respectful atmosphere within the team and with other technical and administrative staff.

* Highest standards of professional and personal conduct, especially confidentiality, and respect for colleagues.

Willingness to cooperate with and support AIFF’s media and digital requirements. * Enthusiasm and willingness to be flexible in approach to achieve desired outcomes

Interested candidates should mail their applications along with CVs, cover letter, and proof of relevant qualification at aiff@the-aiff.com with the subject as “Application for the Post of SNMT Head Coach - Name” and also state their expected remuneration. Only shortlisted candidates will be called, and they may be asked to make a presentation and/or attend an interview at a time & date which will be communicated on the e-mail ID provided by the shortlisted applicant.

AIFF reserves the right to cancel/reject the vacancy or applications without assigning any reason.