Team Liaison Officer - AFC Women's Asian Cup India 2022 (Closed)

Job Category: AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022 Location:
Date : 02-08-2021 to 31-10-2021
Area : Competitions and Team Services
Type of Contract : contract
Email Application with one page resume to :
Email Subject : AFC WAC India 2022 – Team Liaison Officer – (Language 1, Language 2, …)
Application Deadline : October 31, 2021


India will host the AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022 from 20th January to 06th February 2022. It will be the second time in 42 years, the country hosts this event from the continental football governing body. This is the most important event of the AFC Women’s Competitions Calendar, with 12 countries playing 25 games across 3 venues. Representing the nation in the AFC Women’s Asian Cup has been an important achievement and milestone in the careers of Asian football stars and will be one of the most important events to be hosted in Indian football history.

The AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022 will have a lasting influence in Indian Football, upgrading the infrastructure, setting up proper game operations standards and improving the overall quality of the game. Undoubtedly, the AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022 is primed to be a game changer for Indian Football.

Job Summary:

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the tournament is seeking to appoint twelve (12) candidates, one for each participating team, for the position of Team Liaison Officer (TLO). 

The TLO’s duty is to act as the liaison point for their assigned team, linking the AFC, the LOC and their assigned team competing in the AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022 by assisting with daily schedules, team requirements, requests, etc. along with timely communication of any matters or issues to the LOC and AFC. 

The TLO will be required to be with the team and strictly follow tournament applicable COVID-19 Protocols, including the bio-bubble, if enforced, for the duration of the competition. The TLO shall stay in the same hotel and travel with the assigned team throughout the host cities (Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Pune), as needed, based on the teams’ progression in the competition. The TLO must ensure that their respective teams have an enjoyable and successful stay in India & have a smooth departure from the country. The TLOs will report to LOC Competitions and Team Services Department for the duration of their duties and shall also interact with other Functional Areas as may be required.

The LOC plans to recruit a pool of TLO’s and will make the final selections as teams qualify for the tournament.


Attendance for all selected TLO’s is mandatory for TLO Training (Virtual or In-person) (Date to TBC) and 24x7 exclusively during the competition from approximately 13th January – 06th February 2022 or until the official departure of their assigned team. In addition to the above-mentioned dates, the TLO’s would be required to be available on-call/email should any information regarding the respective assigned teams needs to be communicated.

Language Requirement:

The TLO must be fluent in English and Hindi as well as the primary language of the national team with whom they are assigned to. Candidates who speak one or more of the following languages are encouraged to apply: Arabic, Burmese (Myanmar), Chamoru (Guam), Filipino (Philippines), Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Lao (Laos), Mandarin, Persian (Iran), Thai and Vietnamese.

Please be sure to indicate language abilities in your cover letter and attach a formal proof along with the CV. Candidates fluent in only English and Hindi are also welcomed to apply.

General Summary of Responsibilities:

  •  Liaise with the Team Manager regarding all team related issues and report to the LOC Team Services Manager.
  • Coordination of logistics of all transport of team from airports, hotels and tournament venues with Team Manager and the LOC Functional Area.
  • Information management between AFC, LOC Team Services, the venues, and the Team Manager.
  • Accompanying teams to their training sessions and stadiums.
  • Attending meetings, interviews, press conferences and social events as directed by the Team Manager.
  • TLO will stay with the team throughout the team’s stay in India and should be available around the clock for any team matters.
  • Manage any equipment inventory on behalf of the team as directed by the LOC.
  • The TLO shall maintain absolute confidentiality of the Visiting Team’s preparations, tactics, selections and all other related and confidential matters.
  • Any other responsibilities, including but not limited to the ones listed below, as may be required to carry out the duties.

Team Arrival

  • The TLO will be required to meet and greet the team upon arrival at the designated point of arrival.
  • The TLO shall liaise with LOC Event Services Department regarding the preparation, rules and general operation of the team delegation vehicles and ensure that these are in the appropriate location for the team delegation pick-up.

The TLO shall have a meeting if required by AFC and LOC with the Head of Delegation/Manager of the team to which he/she has been assigned, to assess their needs and report to the LOC and advise the team accordingly on how to access the necessary resources.

Team Arrival Meetings and/or Match Coordination Meetings

  • Work with the team kit manager to ensure that the team kit is laid out properly for inspection. Further samples of the training kit, bibs, goalkeeper gloves and outfits of the officials on the bench must be ready for inspection.
  • Work with the team administrator to ensure that the passports and copies of the birth certificates are ready and organised in the order listed on the final list of players (if documents are not complete, then inform the team that they must complete them).
  • Serve as interpreter during meetings (as needed).
  • Pass on all communication from LOC to the teams immediately.
  • Ensure delivery of the Match Coordination Meeting agenda to the Head of Delegation.
  • Confirm training times of the teams (based on the team charts) and coordinate on the same with the LOC functional areas.
  • Cross-check all travel / schedules and inform LOC Competitions & Team Services and AFC Venue In-charge of any changes.

Liaison with LOC Competitions and Team Services

  • Confirm (and understand) all arrangements in relation to the Transportation for the team prior to the team’s arrival, including all contact information (LOC Team Services, drivers, Venue Managers, etc.).
  • Maintain constant coordination and communication with the LOC Team Services
  • Advise team at what time to leave team hotel for Match Coordination Meeting and Official Training in the stadium after consultation with LOC Team Services.
  • Inform LOC Team Services about any change requests for training sessions.
  • Inform LOC Team Services if any accommodation matters arise - request to change rooms, different menus etc.).

Daily duties

  • TLO shall take directions from the Team Manager and LOC Team Services of what is required on a daily basis.
  • Duties may include assisting the kit manager in preparing for training sessions and matches.
  • Ensure transportation is available on time.
  • Follow up on any open points in the stadium with the LOC Venue competitions officer. (e.g.  request for additional drinks in the dressing room).
  • TLO may be asked to purchase certain items (e.g., additional sports equipment, medicine or food) for teams. TLO to seek guidance from the LOC for items outside the norm.

Accommodation, travel, and allowance

  • The TLO shall be accommodated in the same hotel as the team at all times.
  • The TLO shall be provided all meals with the team.
  • The LOC shall book and pay for all TLO accommodation (including meals), ground transport and air travel requirements to ensure that he/she travels with the team.
  • The TLO shall travel on the team bus to/from training sessions and matches, and as required by the team.
  • The TLO will be provided with the uniform from the LOC and should be in the LOC uniforms during the entire duration of its assignment.
  • The TLO will be provided with a daily stipend.

Social media

  • The TLO shall respect the social media guidelines provided by the LOC / AFC and cannot speak to media at any point. 

Candidate Profile:

  • Must be fluent (speak, write, and read), the first language of the Visiting Team’s country of origin, for which a formal proof of language skill is required, along with fluency in English and Hindi.
  • Must be familiar with the culture, customs, traditions, and political environment of the country whose team he/she is assigned to (preferable from/lived/worked in the same culture).
  • An interest in football or an understanding of the needs and demands of international elite players.
  • Must be customer service oriented and be able to devote all his/her time to the duties with the participating team whilst they are in India.
  • Will be able to build effective working relationships quickly and have a proactive, solutions focused approach.
  • Must have strong organizational skills and be able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people in different roles.
  • Must convey a professional demeanour and ambassadorial qualities.
  • Must demonstrate a thorough approach to work, showing attention to detail and time management.
  • Ability to work well under pressure while maintaining calmness and sensitivity. Ability to meet tight deadlines.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality. Will be sensitive to and aware of outside factors and influences, which may impact on the security of the team.
  • Outgoing, energetic personality with a good sense of humour.
  • Punctual, well presented, polite and respectful.
  • Must have good geographical and cultural knowledge of the venues.
  • Must satisfactorily complete a Police Verification Check
  • Prior experience in the sport of football is a plus
  • Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Key Performance Indicators:

Will be communicated in due time in accordance with the goals established between AFC and the LOC for the AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022.

Interested candidates are required to submit their applications on by 31st October 2021.

Due to high volume of applicants, only the shortlisted ones will be contacted.