Regional Talent ID Consultant (RTIC) (Closed)

Job Category: Regional Talent ID Consultant Location: New Delhi
Date : 01-02-2024 to 05-02-2024
Area : Technical Department
Type of Contract : contract
Email Application with one page resume to :
Email Subject : Application for the post of Regional Talent ID Consultant
Application Deadline : February 5, 2024

The new hire will be an integral part of the AIFF's talent identification and development program. The role involves scouting football talent within the designated region during AIFF and State FA's tournaments. In addition, the consultant will be responsible for conducting workshops and training sessions to enhance the capacity of local coaches and stakeholders involved in talent identification.

Key Responsibilities:

Talent Scouting:

Attend AIFF and State FA's tournaments within the designated region to identify potential football talents. Develop a comprehensive understanding of local football landscapes, clubs, and grassroots programs.

Player Evaluation:

Conduct thorough assessments of identified players, considering technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects. Maintain detailed scouting reports on potential talents, providing insights to the AIFF Talent Development Department.

Collaboration with State FAs:

Build strong relationships with State Football Associations to streamline talent identification processes. Work with the State Technical Coordinator and Develop a Talent ID Policy for the State.

Capacity Building Workshops:

Plan and conduct workshops and training sessions for local coaches, referees, and other stakeholders involved in talent identification. Share best practices, modern coaching methodologies, and FIFA guidelines to enhance overall football development in the region.

Data Management:

Ensure accurate and timely recording of scouting data, player profiles, and workshop attendance.

Collaborate with the AIFF's technical staff to maintain a centralized database of identified talents.

Regular Reporting:

Provide regular reports to the AIFF Talent Development Department on scouting activities, player progress, and the impact of capacity-building initiatives.

Offer recommendations for continuous improvement and strategic adjustments based on regional observations.