Team Security Liaison Officer - LOC FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup India 2022 (Closed)

Job Category: LOC FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup India 2022 Location: One Per Host City (2 in Goa)
Date : 27-07-2022 to 10-08-2022
Area : Operations
Type of Contract : contract
Email Application with one page resume to :
Email Subject : Team Security Liaison Officer
Application Deadline : August 10, 2022


India will host the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in 2022 (FU17WWC2022). It will be the second time the country hosts an event from the world football governing body. This is one the important event of the FIFA calendar, with 16 countries playing 32 games in 3 venues across India. It has been a key stepping stone in the careers of a large part of world football stars and will be an important event being hosted in Indian football history.

The tournament has a huge worldwide reach, with an estimated global audience from almost 200 different countries, which is a golden opportunity to show India throughout the world, its cities, culture and the capability of organizing an event of the highest standards.

The FIFA U-17 World Cup will have a lasting influence in Indian Football, upgrading the infrastructure, setting up proper game operations standards and improving the overall quality of the game. Undoubtedly, the FU17WWC2022 is primed to be a game changer for Indian Football.

Job Description:

This position will be responsible for providing the single point of contact between the teams and the Security and Safety elements at the venue for the LOC of FU17WWC2022. For that, he/she must work closely with the VSSM with all Security and Safety planning & implementation for all tournament related facilities including stadiums, training sites, hotels, airports, etc, on behalf of the LOC in line with FIFA Safety & Security Regulations. He/she must develop and maintain a strong relationship facilitating a smooth exchange of information with all the different stakeholders that will provide services in the area.

He/she must work together with the Operations Venue Team, FIFA, Government of India, State Governments and Municipal Corporations to facilitate the execution of all security requirements for the specified venue.

He/she must ensure close co-operation with the LOC-appointed Team Liaison Officer (TLO) and coordinate police escorts and other security arrangements for team movements 

He/she must work together with the Executive Leadership of the LOC to implement strategies, plans of action and protocols that have as a mission to comply with the goal of secure stadiums in the World Cup.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Support the LOC VSSM with coordination between State Police, Stewards, Private Security and any other Safety/Security role player in line with operational planning agreed with the Operations Venue Manager  & FIFA General Coordinator and actively address all requests put forward by the FIFA FSO;
  • Form a strong communication network with all security role players to feed information on safety & security items with respect to the stadium, training sites, airports, hotels, transport/movements to the LOC VSSM and the Operations Venue Manager on a regular basis;
  • The TSLO will obtain all details of team arrivals and departures to and from the host city from the Transportation department of FIFA/LOC and coordinate with the local police for their escorts to be present at the airport/hotel at the appropriate time.
  • The TSLO will maintain all Team/ Match Officials movement timings for MD and other days to the stadium and ensure the police escort is informed and available at the hotel as per the schedule, be in direct touch with the police to obtain the details such as contact numbers and escort vehicle details for coordination.
  • The TSLO will obtain the training schedule for PMAs and Match Officials from the Team Services and Competition team to coordinate with the police for the timely arrival of the police escorts.
  • The TSLO will liaise with the hotel security who needs to be introduced to him/her by the Accommodation team of FIFA/LOC to ensure and check appropriate security is in place at the hotels, especially at the team floors. He/she ensure that there is adequate security provided by the hotel on all team floors on every MD and every time the team is not in the hotel.
  • The TSLO will coordinate with the volunteers stationed in the hotel to receive real time information on arrival of the escorts and team movements. Also coordinate with the TLO/RLO for all updated team/ Match Officials movements.
  • Report any matters of match fixing that come to his/her attention to FIFA immediately;
  • Support in the coordination with all role players for stadium security and safety inspections within the required timeline in order to make the venue operational for all events;
  • Engage a logger to make a note of all incidents or safety & security items picked up in the VOC.;
  • Support the LOC VSSM with the organisation of all safety and security briefings, inviting all role-players and where required chair such meetings between all relevant agencies and stadium staff;
  • Maintain regular contact with the VOC and senior police commander from kick off until after the stadium is clear of all spectators, teams, officials including any persons engaged in anti-doping testing;
  • Assist with the deployment of all security requirements for the arrival and departure of teams, referees, VIPs, etc;

Candidate Profile:

  • Experience with organizing events of mass gathering and security, operations & logistics implementation requirements;
  • Understanding with respect to operational management of team logistics and movements & security coordination;
  • Ability to quickly grasp access control protocol and security standards across areas such as facility operations, ticketing and accreditation;
  • Clear understanding of the security regulations applicable in stadiums and other types of events;
  • Knowledge of Safety and Security laws and structures nationally and state specific;
  • Capacity to elaborate reports of security events for the LOC Leadership;
  • Good communicator with the ability to multitask coordinating various stakeholders such as Police, Traffic, Intelligence, Municipal Corporation, Disaster Management, Anti Sabotage Units, Fire and Medical Suppliers, etc;
  • Advance level in Microsoft Office Platforms, particularly Excel, Word and Power Point and strong documentation ability;
  • Strong analytical capability and reporting structures within the LOC;
  • Proven capability to work under pressure in a team environment;
  • Must be able comfortable with flexible working hours as per requirements;
  • Must provision for own transport and accommodation if required to relocate;

This job description works as a reference of the responsibilities involved in this position. It is expected that the employee will execute other reasonable tasks asked by the Tournament or Project Directors.