Director of Refereeing (Closed)

Job Category: Referees Location: Delhi
Date : 25-02-2022 to 10-03-2022
Area : Referees
Type of Contract : contract
Email Application with one page resume to :
Email Subject : Application for Director of Refereeing
Application Deadline : March 10, 2022


All India Football Federation wishes to hire a senior resource who will be responsible for the management and continuous development of elite refereeing in India to deliver the required performance standards for the Competitions. The Head of Referees will be responsible for the appointments of all elite referees, ensuring officials receive appropriate coaching, training and development and monitoring and reporting of performances. The role will also be expected to successfully manage relationships with the Competitions, i.e., Indian Super League, I-League, IWL and 2nd division. In addition, the role will act on behalf of the AIFF and will be at the forefront and a first point-of-access with the Asian Football Confederation and FIFA relating to refereeing matters. Establishing positive networks with high performing Federations’ Referee departments is essential.

The Head of Refereeing will be expected to fully contribute towards the design and delivery of a referees development plan, including the creation of a pathway thus enabling promotion opportunities for future generations of elite Indian referees. Working closely with the Referee Development officer/s covering state and regional refereeing matters will be key. As a senior member of the AIFF, the Head of Refereeing will fully contribute to the design and delivery of the strategic aims and objectives (where appropriate) of the AIFF and provide leadership to the refereeing community across India.


  • Management of Elite Referees
    • Managing the elite referees group on a day-to-day basis
    • Overseeing and giving direction to the coaching team to manage those officials
    • Provide appropriate performance information, advice and feedback to elite referees, including performance reviews
    • Ensure technical analysis systems are fully implemented
    • Oversee the preparation and delivery of pre-mid-end season workshops/conference for the betterment of elite refereeing
    • Attend games as necessary
  • Elite Referees Development Plan 
    • Responsibility and accountability for its design and implementation, majoring on elite referees, but also being cognizant of future generations of referees
    • Lead required consultations to ensure the plan has credibility and is viable in terms of delivery
    • Within the plan develop an all-encompassing policy regarding elite refereeing full-time contracts, both timed and potential exit strategy focused
    • Introduce a quantifiable merit list for both referees and assistant referees and other performance measures
    • Plan future introduction of sports scientists, nutritionists, psychology etc. to contribute towards continuous improvement of elite refereeing
  • AIFF Referees Committee
    • Attend committee meetings to provide professional advice and support towards the committee’s responsibilities
  • Competitions 
    • Act as a focal point regarding all refereeing matters under the auspices of the respective leagues
    • Prepare monthly and annual performance reports outlining trends and analysis
    • Work in collaboration to review the benefits relating the introduction of technology to aid on-field refereeing decision making
    • Manage and lead an annual and in-season sessions with ISL and I-League clubs outlining key themes, refereeing expectations etc.
    • Provide feedback when clubs raise issues relating to on-field decision making
  • Coaching
    • Manage the in-house refereeing coaching team giving directional advice as required
    • Working with the Coaches, deliver the annual coaching plan which supports the overall elite referees development plan
    • Provide motivational support and guidance for officials
    • Ensure all elite officials have set season-on-season goals
    • Ensure the provision of monthly reports and performance assessments for all elite match officials
  • Assessors
    • Oversee the continuous training and development of assessors, thus performing at a standard commensurate with assessing elite refereeing
    • Ensure a Panel of Assessors to cover all competition games under the remit of elite refereeing
    • Introduce / Enhance a quantifiable merit list for assessors and other performance measures
  • Match Appointments
    • Prepare a provisional 6 week and match day (weekly) appointments schedule
    • Maintain records for all appointments



  • Qualifications/experience:
    • Managing and developing individuals and groups in an elite sporting environment
    • Successful performance management in an elite sporting environment
    • Demonstrable evidence relating to refereeing processes and practices
    • Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team
    • Effective stakeholder engagement at all levels
    • A good comprehension and be able to effectively speak English
  • Knowledge:
    • Thorough understanding of technical skills, coaching and training needs required of elite match officials
    • Comprehensive knowledge of elite professional football
    • Full knowledge of professional refereeing
  • Skills:
    • Motivating groups and individuals to achieve targeted success
    • Communicating and influencing with the ability to interact at all levels
    • Able to present confidently to groups
    • Able to make informed judgements and decisions and use data insights
  • Behaviours:
    • Accountable
    • Resilient
    • Values integrity
    • Courage to challenge
    • Collaborative and credible
    • Driven to deliver


  • Experience of officiating as a match official within elite top-division professional football
  • Experience of coaching referees/assistant referees
  • Experience of coaching in an elite sporting environment
  • Experience of managing budgets

Interested applicants should mail their CVs along with a two-page (maximum) cover letter, outlining their suitability for the role to with the subject as "Application for Director of Refereeing". The last date for applications is March 10, 2022.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for an interview at a time & date which will be communicated on the contact details provided by the shortlisted applicant. It is intended that there will be a two-interview approach with an initial discussion leading to a short-list. The first interview will be held virtually while the second interview may be virtual or in-person in India at the discretion of AIFF.

AIFF reserves the right to cancel/reject the vacancy or applications without assigning any reason.