Accreditation Coordinator – LOC AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022 (Closed)

Job Category: LOC AFC Women's Asian Cup India 2022 Location: Mumbai/Pune
Date : 03-01-2022 to 07-02-2022
Area : Tournament Operations - Accreditation
Type of Contract : contract
Email Application with one page resume to :
Email Subject : Accreditation Coordinator – LOC AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022
Application Deadline : December 15, 2021


India will host the AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022 from 20th January to 06th February 2022. It will be the second time in 42 years, the country hosts this event from the continental football governing body. This is the most important event of the AFC Women’s Competitions Calendar, with 12 countries playing 25 games across 3 venues. Representing the nation in the AFC Women’s Asian Cup has been an important achievement and milestone in the careers of Asian football stars and will be one of the most important events to be hosted in Indian football history.

The AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022 will have a lasting influence in Indian Football, upgrading the infrastructure, setting up proper game operations standards and improving the overall quality of the game. Undoubtedly, the AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022 is primed to be a game-changer for Indian Football.

Job Description:

This position will be responsible for managing and coordinating all the Accreditation for the LOC.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assist with all aspects of the accreditation process, including but not limited to, data uploading, Card printing, preparing materials, editing reports, maintaining records, and responding to inquiries.
  • The Accreditation Coordinator will be responsible for the preparation of all documents for accreditation submissions, this will involve close collaboration with the Accreditation Manager, all the service providers, stakeholders and involves working to a very tight, non-negotiable timeline that is set by the accreditation.
  • The person will be responsible for managing all aspects of the process including keeping the Accreditation Committee updated on the schedule and working with them in preparing submission data, as well as writing and editing submission documents.
  • The Accreditation Coordinator must be able to work under self-direction, taking the initiative and leading the process to a successful conclusion.
  • Must be cooperative in his work to achieve the desired results and smoother operations

Candidate Profile:

  • Must be graduate from a recognised university.
  • Minimum Two (2) Years of accreditations experience in Sports Event preferably with international sporting events and international sports organisations;
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken), Hindi (spoken) and Marathi (Spoken).
  • Ability to solve problems, negotiations and conflict resolutions;
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams);
  • Excellent ability to work under pressure.