AIFF Futsal Committee meets to decide on club championship
10 Jan 2024

AIFF Media Team

NEW DELHI: The All India Football Federation’s Futsal Committee Meeting, which was conducted online, was chaired by Mr. Vijay Bali on Wednesday, January 10, 2024. 

AIFF Acting Secretary General Mr. M. Satyanarayan along with Committee members, Mr. Lalrengpuia (Mizoram), Mr. Naresh Singh Rana and Mr. S Achu (Kerala) were present in the meeting.

The Committee examined the status of the 12 nominations received for the AIFF Futsal Club Championship and expressed happiness over the diverse pool of nominations received and the growing enthusiasm and competitiveness within the futsal community.

The committee examined the states that have completed their respective leagues and recommended that the deadline for updating CMS records should be set for January 20, since this compliance is essential for drafting the nominated teams into the championship.

In response to the evolving circumstances, the Committee recommended extending the deadline for team nominations to January 30, 2024. This extension provides member associations with additional time to complete the necessary procedures for securing their spot in the championship.

The committee also recommended that direct entry should be granted to the semi-finalists of the previous season's Futsal Club Championship. This strategic move aims to acknowledge and reward the achievements of these teams, giving them direct access to the upcoming competition.

Acting Secretary General Mr. M Satyanarayan said: “It was a good meeting and the Futsal Committee has made a few recommendations that give Member Associations a chance to nominate their champion clubs for the Nationals. Hopefully, more clubs will participate in this year’s edition. Next season, we will also unveil competitions for women's teams, at least in an inter-state competition.”

Futsal Committee chairman Mr. Bali said that futsal is fast gaining popularity in India and he thanked the members for taking positive steps for the spread of the game in the country.  

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