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‘Referees need to know the game like the palm of their hand’

Posted on : Monday August 01, 2016

By Shoubhik Mukhopadhyay,
AIFF Media Team


NEW DELHI: Ganesan Maniam, a well-known FIFA Referee’s Fitness Instructor who was recently in India, feels the Indian Referees need to tune themselves with the “latest techniques and modern style of Refereeing.” In an exclusive interview to after conducting a FIFA MA Referees Fitness Course, Ganeshan spoke at length about Indian Referees taking the next step, their fitness levels, the standout performers in the Course and much more. EXCERPTS:


How can Indian Referees attain the next level so that they can officiate more matches in the International stage?


They have to be at the top of their fitness level as well as grasp the laws of the game. They must be spot on during game play situations. A Referee needs to position himself perfectly to identify the fouls correctly and sanctioning them accordingly. They need to show maturity in their job and this only comes when they know the game like the palm of their hand. This only can be achieved by rigorous technical and physical sessions, possibly once in every two months.


How did you find the fitness level of Indian Referees?


The fitness level of the participants was good. Most of them knew what was there in store for them in the Course and prepared themselves well.


How would you rate Indian Referees’ fitness on a scale of 10?


(After a pause), approximately 7.5 and there's much room for improvement in the future.


Amongst the 90 Referees who attended the session who were the standout performers?


Rahul Gupta, S Senthil Nathan and R Venkatesh have shown great potential and they have the quality to be in the top bracket in Asia and this can be only achieved through hard work, discipline and continuously tuning themselves with the latest techniques and modern style of Refereeing.


Where do you see Indian Referees in next 5 years?


With proper guidance I expect them to attain the next level and officiating matches in the bigger stages akin to the AFC Asian Cup, even FIFA competitions.