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Meeting on AFC’s Pilot Project for Referees at Football House

Posted on : Tuesday June 17, 2014

AIFF Media Team


NEW DELHI: An Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Pilot Project for Referee Development meeting took place at the AIFF Headquarters in Football House on Tuesday (June 17, 2014).

The meeting – intended to help Member Associations in the administration of referee’s development – was presided over by AFC’s Head of Referee Operations Section (Referees Department) Mr. Abdul Razak Anuar and Shuichiro Hara, Administrator (Referees Department).


Head of Referees Col. Goutam  Kar, Chairman Referees’ Committee Mr. AR Dev and Mr. Anup Kumar attended the meeting on AIFF’s behalf.


“We are here to help AIFF in refereeing administration matters,” informed Abdul Razak Anuar.

“In this meeting today we sought to help AIFF in administrative matters like structure, referees development, how to go about with state associations since India is such a vast country and so on.”


“I was really impressed with India’s progress. They have taken things forward since the last meeting,” he added.


Taking up from there, Goutam Kar said: “We are on the way to the Online Registration System for Referees which was highlighted in the last meeting in Kuala Lumpur in December last year. They have lauded our initiatives.”


Out of 22 Member Associations four were selected on the basis of applications submitted and need.


“We chose Jordan, India, Myanmar, and Oman as the four places to conduct this meeting. This was done in accordance to applications received from Member Associations and their mandate,” maintained Abdul Razak.


“It was a very fruitful meeting,” Kar said. “The three areas they focused on were enhancing referee structure, commitment towards referees and state associations registering with us and also contributing to the developmental process.”


The short and long terms goals were also charted out in the daylong meeting.