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By Soumo Ghosh,
AIFF Media Team


NEW DELHI: AFC Level 1 Goalkeeping Course Instructor Kris Yong Wai Hwang feels “football has changed over the years, and coach education courses need to be upgraded.”


Wai, who was the instructor of the Level 1 AFC Goalkeeping Coaching Course in Goa conducted by the AIFF added: “The modules I have recommended is to produce more creative coaches with creative methodologies that encourage the goalkeepers to make their decisions in sessions.”


“India has the potential to be the Asian giants in football due to the amount of good talents the country possesses. With more emphasis on coaching education and commitments of the local coaches, I strongly believe India will be a big force in Asian football,” he stated.



Hwang stressed on the importance of having different coaches work in groups during the curriculum, in order to ensure a more holistic learning process for them.


“When they found out that they were the ones that going to do the group demonstrations, they started interacting and discussed the group projects,” said Hwang about the 32 participants in the course.


“The most important part of the course is to upgrade their knowledge and the understanding of how to get the best out of their goalkeepers,” he maintained. “The coaches too agreed that they should be more accommodating to the players’ needs by having the right attitude and character when dealing with the players.”


Association of Indian Football Coaches Director Dinesh Nair, who also took part in the course, said that the participants of the course learnt a lot over the duration of the week.


“The candidates who came from across India were former Indian National team players, academy coaches, and also club coaches,” said Nair. “They were all very happy, and have taken back loads of knowledge. They can now only implement it in their clubs, academies and teams, and also share the same with school kids, and other coaches in their respective communities and states.”


“The focus will always be on how GK coaches can train goalkeepers in technical and functional sessions,” he said. “The coaches also get an understanding of the role of a goalkeeping coach, planning training sessions, different coaching styles, coaching process and GK psychology.”

Posted on : Tuesday May 07, 2019