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By Shoubhik Mukhopadhyay,
AIFF Media Team


MARGAO: It's not only the players and the coaches who run the game of Football, there are others too who make the sport run smoothly and attain the next level, but they operate so quietly that they always remain unheard of.


Asian Football Confederation’s Technical Study Group (TSG) who are here in Goa are busy to scrutiny the teams' performances, coaches’ technical abilities and much more.


On a freewheeling chat with, Jose Ariston Caslib, the Technical Analyst of the TSG team shared many a minute aspect of their work philosophy, technical details et al at the PJN Stadium in Goa.


"TSG group has been working since long and FIFA and AFC are working together to improve the quality of the game. TSG group's primary duty is to watch the game with apt attention and collect the data like total shots, shots on target, fouls committed, possession for the teams etc", Caslib stated.


"FIFA TSG group will also come to India during the FIFA U-17 World Cup to do the research. The sole agenda of the AFC TSG group is to collect data from the AFC level competitions and later to compare with their performance on the world stage, from the data collected by the FIFA TSG group", he informed.


Mohases Morteza, the veteran TSG analyst who is also part of the FIFA TSG team, shared with that “most important duty of the team is finding the facts.”


The data, once collected, are rigorously analysed by the expert panel and then it is shared with the particular member association to improve their skills. Indeed, it's a major step to take the youth football ahead.


Caslib exuded, "Generally the facts & figures of the champion team are also shared with all our member association so that they can have a thorough comparative study with the champions."


The Technical Study Group not only gathers the data from the match, also they do conduct an interview with the head coach of every team.


"We do respect the coaches' philosophies and their secrecies. We don't interfere with their job. But from the interview what we gather is their approach towards the game. That helps us immensely to prepare the report subsequently", Caslib stated.


He even went on giving an example, "If one team enjoy the lion's share of possession that does not guarantee a win for them. A team who executes the substitutes properly might get the better result. We need to accumulate all these data and go back to the videos to verify the data before submitting the final report."


Mohases Morteza stated, “It’s not only how you are playing on the ground, but how much have you improved in last, say 2-3 years. Our activity is just to gather those facts and filing a consolidated report. That gives a clear picture how the teams are reacting to their strategies.”


“Even how a team shrug off a defeat before their next match is also part of their strategy. Our fast and foremost responsibility is to interview the coaches, getting known to their strategies and watching how far the wards execute on the pitch”, he signed off.


When the personnel was asked whether the TSG team will sit with a coach who seeks help from them, he confirmed: “Yes.”


“The AFC is always open to help you out. What we can do is to share his/her team's technical report with him/her and the particular member association; anyways we always do that at the end of the tournament. Hope that'll help the coach identifying their loopholes and rectify those mistakes."


But, he also mentioned, "During the tournament, we never ever share any report with any team. It's part of our confidentiality and we strictly adhere to it."


When wanted to know the credentials to be a part of the TSG group, the eloquent bloke briefed, "Generally all the members of the TSG team are part of Coaching Education program of AFC for a long time. Then they need to undergo the TSG study. On returning to their home nation, they need to practice the work in the local leagues and they are continuously evaluated by AFC. Once they prove their worth, they are invited to be a part of the TSG panel of AFC."


Moreover, the TSG group had high regards for the India coach Nicolai Adam, they stated, "Nicolai knows his target. He has a clear vision and sheer technical knowledge. He knows what he needs to do. He must be credited for that by the Indian Football Fraternity."

Posted on : Saturday October 01, 2016