‘Happiness is best felt when shared’

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By Joseph Solomon,
AIFF Media Team


NEW DELHI: If one told Sangita Basfore that her dream of representing the Nation would come true at the age of 18 she would burst into a hysterical laugh. You mention it to her now and the shy Bengali girl is still all laughs, but this one, however, is composed purely of euphoria and pride rather than sarcasm and cynicism.


Back in 2015, Sangita Basfore was one of the junior Players in India’s Women’s Senior National Team squad for the 2016 Olympic Qualifiers which took place in Mandalay, Myanmar. Albeit she dint make an appearance in the Qualifiers, the experience of the National Setup in itself was a milestone for a girl who struggled against the waves of poverty to live her dreams.


“There is no shying away from the fact that our family is not that economically well off. However, that has never stopped me to strive for my dream and my family itself is very supportive of me playing Football,” says Sangita in one breath.


“Struggle from a pair of cleats to owning a Football made me more apprehensive of the fact that I was supposed to excel in the sport.”


For some that could be an added pressure, but for Sangita it was an advantage. “It made me give my cent percent in any match I played. I suppose it evolved me into a mature Player and injected in me the mindset I need for the position I play.”


Economic well-being does not determine a broad mindset and Sangita’s Father, who is a street vendor, is a living testament of the statement -- motivating his daughter to live her dreams whilst working hard to provide for her.


“My Father has been my pillar of inspiration and he is very fond of me playing.  It gives him joy to see me happy as my happiness depends on playing with the Ball,” Sangita says.


“For a female Footballer, the support from the family can help her reach milestones. I feel proud to have parents like them -- who have always encouraged me and tried to cheer me even when they cannot fully understand the game.”


When news on the All India Football Federation’s official website www.the-aiff.comcame of Sangita breaking it into the National Squad, it was a festive moment for Sangita’s family.


“Everyone was so happy,” exclaims Sangita, “My Mother called up all of my relatives and told them that I will be representing the Nation soon. We even cut a cake to commemorate the occasion.”


You can almost sense the gravity of the moment from Sangita’s gleeful tone and are forced to wonder -- isn’t happiness all about those small moments rather the big ones? Isn’t happiness about the undying love you get from the people that matter?


“Happiness is celebrated best when shared with Family,” explains Sangita.


“My Family made me who I am today and the feeling you get when you see your parents happy is unparalleled. The struggle against poverty is still there but with my Family at my side I am ever determined to make strides.”

Posted on : Friday March 04, 2016