AIFF’s Technical Director selected in AFC Coach Education Panel

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By Joseph Solomon,
AIFF Media Team


NEW DELHI: While Football in India yearns to spread in every nook and corner of the country, All India Football Federation’s Technical Director Scott O’Donell has been selected in the elite panel of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Coach Education Panel indicating that Football of the Nation is indeed in safe and able hands.


O’Donell has been selected as one of the members of the AFC Coach Education Panel whose aim is to raise the bar of Coaching and promote the role of Coaches across the continent of Asia.


The AFC Executive Committee approved the concept of the AFC Coach Education Panel at its meeting which convened on July 11, 2015 in Bahrain.


“I am thankful to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) for choosing me as one of the members of this (AFC Coach Education Panel) elite convention,” O’Donell


“This provides us with an opportunity to spread the game of Football in not only India but throughout the continent of Asia through various Coach Education Programmes,” he added.


Recently O’Donell had been the mastermind behind FIFA Live Your Goal’s launch in India, a campaign aimed to promote Football amongst the young female populace of India.


“If we raise the standards of Coaching we gradually raise the bar of the Players. And we want the latter but the way to achieve it is through harnessing the former. We need to focus of Coach Education too,” he stated.


“Average Coaches induce average Players while good Coaches induce good Players. It is as simple as that,” O’Donell stressed.


Furthermore, AIFF’s Technical Director has also planned a FIFA Women’s Refreshers Course from September 14 -18, 2015 to help groom Women Coaches in the Country.


Reflecting upon the Course at hand, O’Donell informed: “We need to develop our own Coaches -- both men and women. And this Course aims at just that.”


“Courses such as these help you not only to evolve as a Coach but refresh your fundamentals of the game, making you even better in your business,” he pronounced.

Posted on : Saturday September 12, 2015