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General Provisions


1. The AIFF is a National Association registered with the Registrar of Societies, Mumbai, under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.


2. The Headquarters of the AIFF is in Dwarka, New Delhi.


3. AIFF is neutral in matters of politics and religion and prohibits any form of political, religious, sexual, ethnic, linguistic, regional or racial discrimination.


4. AIFF is formed for an unlimited period.


5. AIFF is a member of FIFA, AFC and Indian Olympic Association and is self obliged to respect the Statues, Regulations, Directives and decisions of FIFA and AFC and to ensure that these are likewise respected by its Members.




1. To improve and popularise the game of football constantly and promote it throughout India in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programmes to urban, rural and remote areas including Schools, Colleges and Universities.


2. To organise its annual domestic and International Competitions.


3. To draw up regulations and provisions and ensure their enforcement.


4. To control every type of Association Football including Friendly Matches by taking appropriate steps to prevent infringements of Statues, regulations or decisions of FIFA, AIFF or of the Laws of the Game.


Organisation :


1. The General Body is the supreme and Legislative Body.


2. The Executive Committee is the Executive Body.


3. The General Secretariat is the Administrative Body.


4. Standing and adhoc committees advice and assist Executive Committees in fulfilling its duties.


5. Disciplinary Committee, Appeals Committee, Players Status Committee and the Arbitration Tribunal are the Judicial bodies of the AIFF.


Members of the AIFF General Body:


1. One Football Association in each of State or Union Territory as defined by the Constitution of India.


2. Services Sports Control Board & Railways Sports Promotion Board.


3. Women’s Committee.