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Director of Referees

Date : 2018-05-31  2018-06-10

Job Category : AIFF

Job Description – Director of Referees

The development and growth of match officials remains a priority for AIFF. To further that aim, AIFF is looking to appoint a Director, Referees whose primary responsibility will be to provide guidance and leadership to the Referees Department, and help improve the quality and standard of Indian match officials.


Knowledge and Experience Requirements

  • Experience as an Elite (FIFA/AFC) Match Official (desirable)

  • Knowledge of AIFF national competition structures (desirable)

  • Knowledge of FIFA Laws of the Game (desirable)

  • Knowledge of AIFF and regional Referee Pathways (desirable)

  • Experience in delivering education and training sessions

  • Ability to collaborate and work with a wide range of stakeholders

  • Ability to evaluate and improve policies and procedures with a problem solving approach

  • Excellent organisational skills

  • Good verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to work unique hours, inclusive of weekend and evening work, as required

  • Ability to undertake travel, as required

  • High level administration skills and computer literacy and prompt communication


Key Expectations

The successful candidate will be expected to:

  • Engage with referees of all levels of ability

  • Support the recruitment of new referees and the retention of existing ones

  • Develop recruitment and retention strategy for overall Referee Pathway

  • Develop programs to enhance referee numbers, experience and standards

  • Develop plan to increase profile of Refereeing

  • Facilitate the interaction and meeting between the referees department and referees committee

  • Implementation of proper and transparent process of referee appointments and assessments

  • Coordinate and monitor the effective delivery of referee development and education


Competition Operations

Manage all refereeing operational matters:

  • Proposals for appointment of Referees, Assistant Referees & Referee Assessor in all AIFF national Competitions

  • Conduct Referee/Assistant Referee/Referee Assessor Assessments and take appropriate action

  • Conduct video assessments and maintain a record of Referee performances

  • Study match reports and take appropriate action

  • Provide advice/evidence on disciplinary matters related to matches

  • Provide information for production of Referee Teaching Materials




Manage all Referee Education and Development activities:

  • Conduct Development Courses on Refereeing

  • Appointment of Referee Instructors for courses, workshops and seminars

  • Selection, training and evaluation of Referee Instructors and Assessors

  • Manage Online Referee Registration and Development Portal

  • Production and distribution of Referee Teaching Material

  • Dissemination of information on latest developments in the Laws of The Game to regional FAs

  • Dissemination of FIFA Teaching materials and guidelines to regional FAs

  • Support State FAs in referee development programmes.


Last date of applying is Sunday,10th June 2018.

Candidates desirous of applying for the above position to mail their applications along with CVs and proof of relevant experience at aiff@the-aiff.com with the subject as  “ Application for the Post of Director Referees ” with the expected remunerations. Only the shortlisted Candidates will be called for Interview at a Time & Date which will be communicated at the E mail ID provided by the shortlisted applicants.


AIFF reserves the right to cancel/reject the vacancy or applications without assigning any reasons.