The AIFF Regional Academies is the first ever Youth Development initiative by the AIFF and the first of its kind being the AIFF Regional Academy in Navi Mumbai, launched on May 1, 2012.


The Academy, based at Fr. Agnel Technical Education Complex, Vashi, Navi Mumbai is a bi-partite effort and a collaboration between AIFF and Fr. Agnel Charities, Navi Mumbai, where the infrastructure for accommodation and training have been provided by Fr. Agnel Charities and the technical expertise, training equipment, coaches alongside the players are through AIFF.


The training infrastructure includes the artificial football surface for matches and training, Gymnasium and Swimming Pool while accommodation facilities include dormitories for players, single rooms for officials and staff, treatment rooms and classrooms for tuition and study.


Fr. Agnel also provides educational facilities and provisions for the players as all the players have been admitted at the Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School situated nearby under the National Open Schooling system. The players also devote ample time behind academic education and special tutors are employed for teaching English as educating the players in verbal and written English remains one of the priorities.


In a professional world where in 70% of the nations English is an official language, care is taken that the players become well versed in the language as it would help sort out their communication issues for a better future wherever they are.


The players recruited for the Academy are from various parts of the country and have been scouted by AIFF spotters through Restricted Open trials, Festivals and National Competitions. The Academy started primarily as an U-15 Academy however it’ll harbour the players over a period of 4 years till the age group of U-18.


It can accommodate a maximum of 30 players. The total number of officials employed at the academy includes the following:


Head Coach


Assistant Coach


Goalkeeping Coach






Academy Assistant


The boys at the Academy have a fixed number of hours for their training while the rest is divided among studies, recreation and recuperation. Meals served at the Academy are breakfast, lunch and dinner along with high tea and snacks.


Great care is taken as far as the players’ and staff’s diet is concerned. The AIFF doctor along with the physiotherapist is involved in preparing a diet chart for the players according to which a weekly menu is decided. Hygiene and sanitation within the premises are given their due importance.


Besides meals and a strict diet plan, medical care and treatment is provided for the boys and staff. A medical tie-up with the local hospital has been made for emergency and urgent medical situations.


The boys are immunized on a timely basis rendering them free of fatal diseases while their time at the Academy. The Academy remains closed for the summer and winter vacations when the boys and staff go home to their families. 



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Delbert Fernandes

Place of Birth : Goa

Position : Forward

Shahbaaz Khan

Place of Birth : Manipur

Position : Defender

Nishu Kumar

Place of Birth : Uttar Pradesh

Position : Defender

Prasanth K

Place of Birth : Kerala

Position : Forward

Rakesh Oram

Place of Birth : Orissa

Position : Forward



Sonika Sudan

Position : Physiotherapist

Yusuf Ansari

Position : Goalkeeping Coach

Aqeel Ansari

Position : Assistant Coach

Sajid Dar

Position : Head Coach

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