The AIFF Regional Academy at Pailan Kolkata, which became operational from September 5, 2012, is the second of its kind after the AIFF Regional Academy at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. The Academy is based at Pailan World School Campus in Pailan, Kolkata.


It is a joint venture between AIFF and Pailan Group where the infrastructure for accommodation is facilitated by Pailan Group while the training along with the technical expertise, training equipment, coaches alongside the players are recruited by the AIFF.


The training infrastructure includes a natural turf which is prepared and constructed under the supervision of acclaimed football grounds men and field expertise. The pitch is used for matches and training.


The infrastructure consists of Gymnasium which is equipped with multipurpose instruments and a swimming pool which is used for aquatic schedules and rehabilitation for players.


The accommodation facilities include large 8-bed cottage rooms for players having 4 such rooms accommodating 32 players in total, single cottage rooms and duplex for officials and staff, treatment rooms and classrooms for tuition and study.


Pailan Group has futuristic plans of including the players under their educational domain. Special teachers are employed for providing dedicated classes to the players and thus players are getting ample time behind academic education and special tutorials besides their practice. There are other facilities like futsal, netball, Sepak-takrow related to the game available within the premises.


A separate teacher for English is provided to the boys who look after their formal learning of the language along with their spoken English. English is undoubtedly the highest priority in modern day’s professional circuit. A weekly session is also arranged for the players which help them to undergo training on spoken English and media interaction.


Much like the Navi Mumbai Academy, the players recruited for the Academy are from various parts of the country and have been scouted by AIFF spotters through Restricted Open trials, Festivals and National Competitions.


The Academy can accommodate a maximum of 32 players. The total no of officials employed at the Academy includes the following:


Head Coach


Assistant Coach


Goalkeeping Coach






Academy Assistant


Meals served at the academy are breakfast, lunch and dinner along with high tea and snacks. There is a special dining room that is kept exclusively for the Academy boys where the major meals are served.


Great care is taken as far as the players and staff’s diet is concerned. The AIFF doctor along with the physiotherapist is involved in preparing a diet chart for the players according to which a weekly menu is decided.


Besides meals and a strict diet plan, medical care and treatment is provided for the boys and staff. A medical tie-up with the local hospital has been made for emergency and urgent medical situations. The Academy remains closed for the summer and winter vacations.



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