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Operational Academies:


1.    Mumbai Regional Academy


·         Age Group: U-16 ( Boys born in 1997)


2.    Kolkata Regional Academy


·         Age Group: U-15 (Boys born in 1998)


3.    Goa Regional Academy


·         Age Group: U-13 (Boys born in 2000)


4.    Goa Elite Academy


·         Age Group – U19 (Boys born in 1995-96).


Each Academy has up to five full-time members of staff. The following staff members have been appointed:


Navi Mumbai Regional Academy


Head Coach: Mr. Sajid Yusuf Dar


Assistant Coach: Mr. Aqeel Ansari


GK Coach: Mr. Yousuf Ansari


Physiotherapist: Ms. Sonika Sudan


Manager: Mr. Shailesh Karkera


Assistant Manager: Mr. Rohit Thorat


Kolkata Regional Academy


Head Coach: Mr. Goutam Ghosh


Assistant Coach: Mr. John K Raj


GK Coach: To be appointed


Physiotherapist: Mr. Soumya Rout


Manager: Mr. Subhashish Bannerjee


Assistant Manager: Mr. Ranjit Roy


Goa Regional Academy


Head Coach: Narayana Menon


Assistant Coach: Jude Barreto


GK Coach: Mario Aguiar


Physiotherapist: Vishnu K Nair


Asst Manager: Velu D


Goa Elite Academy


Head Coach: Mr. Colm lm Toal


Senior Assistant Coach: Mr. Francisco Costa


Assistant Coach: Mr. Bitan Singh


GK Coach: Mr. Hameed KK


Physiotherapist: Mr. Akshay Samant


Physiotherapist: Mr. Babu Sampat


Manager: Mr. Rahul Parashar


Future Plan:


The future plan stays to open five more Regional Academies and one Elite Academy. The Players for the Regional Academies will be selected from the U13/U14 National Festivals.


Each State to send two teams each


* States are responsible for undertaking age-verification for their teams that participate in the Festival.


* Any State found to have selected players over age, will be suspended and fined by AIFF.